How to avoid Oracle errors when working with vector data?

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When trying to draw several neighborhoods in a particular city, I follow these steps:

1. Transform the city polygon in a line feature;
2. I split the resulting line in segments;
3. In this step I start to draw lines that will split up the former city polygon (which is now composed out of line segments) into several future Nhoods.
4. After I have finished with the line drawing, I select the segments that form the Nhoods and I transform these into several polygons.

The problem is, that very often I have errors when trying to load into an Oracle database, especially error code "13356 - adjacent points in a geometry are redundant" and "13349 - polygon boundary crosses itself ";

What I want to ask is if this method is wrong and I should use a different one to draw these Nhoods.

The most important thing would be to have polygons with valid geometry.

I try to use only the snap to vertex option but I still have these issues. Maybe someone knows a better solution to this story :)

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    I'm not too familiar with the Oracle requirements for geometry, but it sounds like you may have duplicate vertices (Error 13356), although I would think that would be more of a warning. You can remove those in Global Mapper if you select the features with the Digitizer Tool, then right-click and select the Simplify/Reduce option and specify a value of 0. This would just remove duplicates and geometry vertices along perfectly straight lines that don't add to the shape.

    For Error 13349 (polygon crosses itself), you would have to examine the polygon boundary and make sure it doesn't cross itself somewhere.


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