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i use Global mapper to orthorectify jpg files. But i have a recurrent bug : when i zoom or move the map, global mapper block and i must shut down it. So, i must save my control points in a gcp file if i want to recover my job... I'm very nervous because i must redo the work many times !
help me pls


  • FranckiFrancki Global Mapper User Posts: 67Trusted User
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    The error message given by GM is :

    "Unknown error while rendering overlays, you should probably save and quit. Time out for waiting for data from D:\.... ECWoverlay.ccp - 3818. Version 12.01. Build date : Jan 15 2001 13:25:03. Use crl + v to paste error"
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    Usually that error means there is some problem in the ECW file itself and the ECW import library used by Global Mapper is locking up for a while trying to read the problem area. However, just to be sure I would first suggest getting the latest release (v12.02) to see if that helps. You can download and install that from the links below and give it a try:


    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


    Global Mapper Support
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