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Georeference question

Noklu Global Mapper UserTrusted User
This question is more out of curiosity. I have been using the manual georeference image feature with very good results. This feature is REALLY excellent for tax maps, sketches, etc. When an image is georeferenced, does GM do a "best fit and leave the image untouched? OR, does it perform "rubber-sheeting" of the image. If it is rubber-sheeted, when the image is opened in photoshop is it the same as the original, or has it been permanently altered by GM? Sorry for the rambling question.


  • global_mapper
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    Global Mapper doesn't alter the original image, it rubber-sheets on-the-fly. If you export to a new image then you will get a new image with the rubber-sheeting applied to a new image that doesn't need rectification.


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    Thanks Mike.
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