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I'm a new global mapper user. I have some questions and I would be happy if I find my answers.
I try to create a geologic shaded relief map. I have elevation data and geology of interest area, Global Mapper 8 and 12(trial). First I open the hillshade file and then open the shape ile of geology. But I don't give trancperancy to geologic polygons. Please help me about this problem.


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    You won't be able to do that in v8, but in the v12 trial you can simply edit the polygons with the Digitizer Tool and change their style to be a solid fill with some translucency. You could also go to the Area Styles tab of the Options dialog in v12 and setup the style to perhaps be a random coloring with a style that has translucency so that you can see through them.


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    Thank you Mike...
    I try to do your suggestion.
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