A Few Simple but Critical Questions

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Hello. I have four related, very novice questions so I thought I’d ask all four at once. Any insights would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

1) Is there a way to go to a given coordinate, i.e. zoom right into a certain point on the map? If so how?

2) How do you deactivate a certain tool when it’s selected? For example, if I have the zoom tool activated on the tool bar, and I want to deactivate it, what do I do? Pressing escape or re-pressing the tool button does not deactivate it.

3) How do I select an area feature for editing? The manual says click the “left mouse button near the feature or in the case of area features, within the feature”. The problem is that there’s always one of the tools selected (as my question above) and so left clicking does nothing. Can anyone please explain?

4) Further to the last question, is it possible to select a group of features by using a selection box or some sort of lasso tool?


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    You can use the View->Center on Location menu command to recenter the map view on a particular location.

    There always has to be some tool active. To deactivate a tool you would have to switch to a different one.

    To select areas, switch to the Digitizer/Edit Tool and then click the feature to select it. You can also select with the Feature Info Tool, but it is more limited. With the Digitizer Tool you can draw a box to select multiple features, or use Ctrl or Shift when clicking/dragging to add to an existing selection.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks once again for the help Mike.
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    Thank you mike i am searching this problem from many times but i can not found any best answer before this .

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