Unknown error loading HDF5 file

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Hi Guys,

I entered this question last night but it somehow dissappeared.

I've upgraded to a Win7-64 computer with 16GB RAM and Global Mapper 12.02 and I'm still having trouble with *.bag files. The offending file is 160MB zipped and about 4.6GB unzipped. When I try to open it, I get "Unknown error loading HDF5 file".

Here's a link to the file.


Is there a problem with this file or is there a bug in GM? The smaller *.bag files in the same series open fine.

Thanks for any insight.



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    I was going to respond this morning but it had disappeared for me as well. I downloaded the file and took a look. The HDF5 (that's the base format for BAG files) library doesn't seem to like something about that .bag file, but I'm not quite sure what the problem is since the issue is inside the library itself and not Global Mapper's code. It's possible the .bag file is corrupt, can any other software load it?


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    Hi Mike,

    I just downloaded Caris EasyView and it can't open it either. The file must be corrupt. I'll go bug NOAA and see if they'll fix it.


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