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Generate TIN using raster

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Feature suggestion -

Generate a TIN from a raster or multiple rasters- might have options on how detailed - etc. I'm hoping it would analyze the terrain and put few edges on flat areas and more where needed.

Also with this would be able to overlay some point/vector datasets to use as breaklines (I think it's called) where it must use the underlying elevation where the road is or summit points or lakes/rivers.


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    You can kind of do this now by just exporting your terrain layer to a DXF 3D Face file, although you are just getting 2 triangles for each grid cell. There isn't currently any functionality in Global Mapper to get a lower detailed TIN surface out of a gridded terrain, only for going the other way.


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  • redbeard
    redbeard Global Mapper User Trusted User
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    Makes sense - maybe I'll try that. I think I may try generating contours at a close interval and generate a TIN from that. I know you can get the z coords onto a vector file from a raster - so I may also try to add that info to a bunch of rivers and roads and use that plus contours - export all of this to a single vector file and generate the TIN from that. It'll have to wait till tomorrow at this moment.
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