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NokluNoklu Global Mapper UserPosts: 29Trusted User
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Has anyone tried some of the available GIS android apps with GM? Two that I have noticed are Datapoint and Geopaparazzi. They both look rather interesting. They would be great for doing field work with a smart phone if the data could be brought into Global Mapper.


  • AndrewMAndrewM Global Mapper User Posts: 17
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    Esri have a version of their mobile app in beta, if it's anything like the Iphone/pad app it will be very good
  • monroehutchenmonroehutchen martialartsmovies Posts: 1
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    i was trying Datapoint, but all these Android apps is far away from Apple apps. So just wait for stable release.
  • palatkikpalatkik Global Mapper User Posts: 1
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    I use GM a lot to prepare my PNG format raster maps for Androids Orux Maps if that helps? Works great.
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