PDF Longitude offset by same amount as the projection origin

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I have a Gnomonic projection with the CENTRAL MERIDIAN as -100 (West) and the CENTRAL LATITUDE as 80 (North). FE and FN are 0.

When I export a GeoPDF the Northing, Easting and Latitude are correct but the longitude is offset by 100 degrees in Adobe Reader 9. This is in GM version 11.02. We also have a 12 license which I have not tested yet.


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    It sounds like maybe Adobe Reader isn't using the central meridian for the gnomonic projection. You might have to use a Gnomonic projection with a central meridian of 0 to get it to work in Adobe Reader.


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    If I set the CM to 0 but the distortion causes the features to rotate nearly 90° as expected. I will try a few other map projections. Geographic is not preferred due to the proximity to the pole. Lambert Conformal might work but I will need to set a similar CM. I will let you know how it goes.
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    I can confirm Lambert Conformal with CM of -95° works fine. I also updated Adobe Reader to X and they seem to have removed the XY coordinate display. Now it is just geographic. Thanks again.
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