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Importing Files by Polygon

MVesselMVessel Global Mapper UserPosts: 7
edited April 2011 in Technical Support
Is there a way to import/load only the files or data that spatially intersect a selected polygon? I have a large volume of files with varying tiling schemes and would like to process them into a new scheme (generate DEMs, etc...). The files are large so I only want to load the pertinent files to maximize computing efficiency.

Any help would be much appreciated.



  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
    edited April 2011

    While you can't directly do that, you could use the File->Create New Map Catalog menu command to create a map catalog from your large collection of files, then just those files will be loaded when you zoom in far enough. That way files that you don't use don't have to be loaded.


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  • MVesselMVessel Global Mapper User Posts: 7
    edited April 2011
    Thanks Mike. I will give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks for your help.
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