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Point styles - Setup Styling based on values

Paul Vermeulen
Paul Vermeulen Global Mapper User
edited April 2011 in Technical Support
Good day all. I have generated a style file with different colours as follows:
2 = Grey
5 = Grey
6 = Green
8 = Green
9 = Yellow
11 = Yellow
12 = Orange
14 = Orange
15 = Red
100 = Red
Interpolate Colors between numeric values = TRUE.

When I have a vlaue of 6.1, I anticipated that it would be green. But it is still a grey-green. I need help to set up ranges appropriately so there is a clear cutoff between colors.

It might be to define "New Value as 6-8.5, and the next one as 8.5-11 with corresponding colors, and Interpolation = FALSE.

In the attached picture you will see the datapoint E045 as Orange, when it should be Red. I just need some help to set this up properly, please. Forum and Help File search yielded no answers.




  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited April 2011
    In your screenshot the color for E045 looks to match the orange for 14. I can't see any values beyond that to know if that is correct though. I also didn't see 6.1 anywhere, but it should be the same green as 6 and 8. Can you provide the workspace file and the layer you are styling to check?


    Global Mapper Support
  • Paul Vermeulen
    Paul Vermeulen Global Mapper User
    edited April 2011
    Mike, in creating a separate dataset for you I have been unable to replicate the anomaly I mentioned before. In fact, E045 value is 12.88, which should be Orange, and it is. It appears to be an ID ten T error. The incorrect datafield was selected for the label, and did not correspond to the datafield for styling.


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