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How to export Lat/Long/Address from Polish Format to CSV and/or Google KML format?

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Hi Sir,

I am new to Global Mapper software and have the following question.

1. I have a map in Polish format and i want to extract the Lat/Long/Streetname into Google Earth KML format and/or CSV format. Is this possible and how to do it in GM?

2. How do i extract only the data i want since the map contains many info. I want to extract POI into 1 file and Lat/Long/address as another file. Is this possible and how can i do it in GM?

3. Regarding the CSV format, after extraction, is the data sorted nicely or do i have to edit further?



  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
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    If you have the Polish format data loaded in Global Mapper, you can export to a KML file simply using the File->Export Vector Data menu command and choose the KML/KMZ format for export.

    If your data comes in with different types, you can use the type filter settings on the Vector Display tab of the Configuration dialog to turn off the types you don't want, do an export, then turn on different types and repeat. Another option is to use the Search->Search Vector Data menu command to find the features that you want, then select them and right-click on the list then select to copy to the clipboard, then open another instance of Global Mapper and use Ctrl+V to paste those features, then export them.

    Any features exported to a CSV will be in whatever order that there were in when loaded, although if you are loading that CSV file in something like Excel you can easily sort there.


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