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Hi - I have a shapefile in ArcGIS that has JUST the text of the sections in WY. That's all I need, just the text. Getting this out of Arc was a treat, but the only option that will work with the software that it's going into is a shapefile. That's fine except this software does not label nicely and puts the labels all over the place. I just want a file that shows only the text of the sections and have that in a file that loads up as is and isn't a "label" function. Does that make sense? I've been struggling with it in Arc (i've tried everything) and nothing works. I wondered if GM might have a solution? Thanks!! :)


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    The Shapefile format doesn't have a standard way of storing labels, although many application will recognize a LABEL or NAME attribute automatically as a display label. If you load your Shapefile into Global Mapper you can certainly export it out to a new Shapefile. If your original Shapefile has the boundary for each section, you could select those areas with the Digitizer Tool in Global Mapper, then right-click and select the Advanced Feature Creation menu option to create points from the centroids of each area to create new point features from the area that have the name and other attributes attach, then export that to a new point Shapefile using the File->Export Vector Data menu command.

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