Export Point Styling?

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I've created a map of point data with point styling (color and shape) based on an attribute value within my vector data. Is there anyway I can export these data to either DWG or DXF with the point styles maintained?

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    There isn't really a way to get point styles, like custom symbols or colors/shapes, out to DXF or DWG files. Only certain formats, like PDF, KML/KMZ, Simple ASCII Text, or Global Mapper Package files, will maintain full style information.


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    Thanks Mike.
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    I think I've found a work around. If I filter the points in excel for the same data ranges used to create point styling based on a numerical attribute, I can then bring each data range into GM as a separate layer. I can then export each layer separately to DXF using GM and later re-format the point styles in ACAD for each layer. A little cumbersome, but should work. Thanks again for your help Mike.
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