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This is my first post here and hope i can find an answer.

I would like to know of it is possible to import a CSV file containing an attribute of the FEATURE NAME and FEATURE CODE directly into GM so that it will understand it directly. At the current time, it imports it as Attribute 1 & 2 (ATTR_1 and ATTR_2). Within GM ATTR_1 can be assign to be the FEATURE NAME, however i am unable to find how to get the FEATURE CODE to be assigned to ATTR_2.

In addition, is there a way after using the search function to change the FEATURE CODE of all the selected points at once.

Thank you in advance :)!


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    If you make the first row of the CSV file contain the desired column names and also check the box when importing that the first row contains column names then you should automatically get those attribute names as well as any assignment based on them.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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