GRIB2 files in GM 11.02

Bob RyeBob Rye Global Mapper UserPosts: 4
edited July 2011 in Technical Support
I'm having some issues loading GRIB2 files into GM v11.02. When I drag a file onto GM or use "File, open" I get asked to specify the file type - so I'm assuming that GM is not familiar with *.GRIB2 vs *.GRIB extensions.
If I specify "WMO Gridded Binary I receive a repeated error "Error reading GRIB2 field (14)".
Currently downloading the latest version of GM11, but in the meantime I'e tried renaming the extension to *.grib from *.grib2 with the same result.
Can upload a sample, but they're large files (14MB-17MB) and bandwidth where I am is low.

Thanks in advance,


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