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I am exporting vector line features to shapefile format and selecting the "Crop to Selected Area Feature(s)" option. I have multiple area features selected. The export seems to be expanded to the bounding box of the selected features rather than the areas themselves. Is this the intended result? When I do this with only one area feature selected, the export is clipped to the area feature bounds and not the bounding box -- in other words works the way I imagine it should.

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    Currently the cropping to area features on export is limited to only cropping to one polygon at a time. If more than that are selected just the bounds are cropped to. You would need to do multiple exports to crop to multiple area features.


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    Is there a way to select all the features that are ID'd the same and export all of these into a single shapefile?

    I can select features by criteria but I can't figure out how to export just those.

    Example: I have a surface geology map of all of the State of Oklahoma. This contains many thousands of features, categorized by geologic formation name, as well as other criteria. I would like to export all the areas for a single formation, but can't figure out how to do that.
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    I found the solution right here on your forum!

    Once features/atributes are selected, RIGHT CLICK does the trick!

    Great forum! Great software!
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