Erroneous error Message: “all lines must have at least 3 vertices.”

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When using Global Mapper 12, an error message that randomly appears while attempting to “Create area feature(s) from selected line feature(s).” It says “all lines must have at least 3 vertices.” The problem is that the lines have many more than 3 vertices, and they are displayed on the project when the “Show/Hide Area/Line Vertices” button is activated on the GM 12 tool bar, and the lines selected (2 or more, selected while in “edit” mode using the digitizer tool, and selected by ctrl+left click) share a common vertex, and do intersect. It seems to happen with large, very complex maps.

To continue with the map, what I'm having to do is to export the shape files, then import the new shape file, DCW_countries, and the geotiff back into GM 12, and continue from there. On one very large map this happened 4 times.


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    Is the error message that you are seeing ""No area features could be formed from the selected lines. Make sure that the selected lines have at least three vertices." What options are you choosing at the beginning of the option to create areas from the selected lines?


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