Cannot save wms downloaded point file to shape or xyz format

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I'm have successfully accessed the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's WMS server, with service name WMS&

I'm now trying to save the discovery wells into UTM31 (ED50) in a xyz format where the well names are "Z".

When I try to save the discovery well file as CSV file Global Mapper state: "No point features found within the speciffied bounds".

Any suggestions what might bw wrong?




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    A WMS server just provided a rendered image of data, there isn't any way to extract features, like points, from that image. You can only export to another image format, like a GeoTIFF or JPG. Does that data provider also provide the data in some other format that might include the raw vector data?


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    This make sense. After some investigation, I discovered that NPD also provide downloadable shp files. These files can be modified and saved in xyz format.

    Thanks for the advice.


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