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I've recently generated a lot of data at quite a high level of detail. However, my client needs the vector data but only at a particular scale.

I know its possible to print to a particular scale but is it possible to export the vector data at a particular scale?


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    What exactly does the client want to be different based on the scale? Since vector data just stores coordinates for each vertex and doesn't have a resolution like a raster image would it doesn't make quite as much sense to do it at a particular scale. Perhaps you could do a Global Mapper Package export and use the Simplification tab to remove vertices to reduce the level of detail to try and approximate what you might see at a particular scale without wasting extra space, but there isn't really a good quantitative way to do this.


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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    The client wants the data at 1:900,000 but I've worked at a much higher level of detail on the project for future projects in the same area. However, they're now wanting a KML/KMZ of the roads I've done. I've just tried the GM Package export and it seems to approximate what I'd like to do.
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