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I have a workspace setup, with among other layers, a vector layer showing property parcels.

When I go to edit attributes, there is a button to add a file link. Two questions on that:

-Can I easily link to a folder instead of a file?
-Can I setup a quick way where my colleague could click on a property polygon, and it would load the folder or file link?

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    There isn't really anything special about the 'Add File Link' button, it just creates a text attribute with FILE_LINK as the name and the selected filename as the value. You can certainly just edit that text after selection to trim it back to just the folder name.

    For any attribute, if you select a feature with the Feature Info Tool, then right-click on an attribute value you can choose to open the attribute value either with the associated Windows program or directly into Global Mapper.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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