Different shaders and different scales for different grids

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I often find it useful to combine different grids into the same project, for example a gravity grid overlying an elevation model. By hiding/unhiding grids I can compare the features.

GM automatically scales to include max min values of all open grids, irrespective of whether they are hidden or not. This generally leads to inappropriate shading for both. Here are a couple of ideas.

If a grid is hidden, it would be useful if GM would ignore the values of the hidden grid and shade only for the visible grid(s) values.


Under the properties tab for each grid, have an option to set unique shading properties. That way, for example, you could combine land elevation and marine bathymetry, each having its own shading. (at the moment I do this by shading a bathymetry grid, exporting as ecw, and then importing this into a project with elevation data- fiddly work-around).

The latter would be more useful.

Your thoughts appreciated.



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    Which version of Global Mapper are you using? Global Mapper should already ignore hidden elevation layers when setting up the elevation range for shading. In addition, on the Options dialog for elevation layers you can choose to select a specific shader for that layer rather than sharing the shader with other grid layers, thus allowing independent shading.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    I see what you mean. My mistake for missing this control.

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