Can GM make a map like this?

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I am wondering if GM can make a map like this. I've worked with it for quite a while but in my experience it has never been excellent at making maps look fancy. Everything is always sharp corners, forcing text labels to line up properly, barely being able to edit shapes and objects, etc. I'd like to know if other GM users think that this kind of map can be created with GM. If so, are there any tips I should be using? I often have to rely on illustrator to make maps look nicer.

>>Map in Question<<

(Map from

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    I don't see anything in the map that you absolutely couldn't do with Global Mapper, but you would have to manually place the grid lines yourself. For text labels you will likely just want to place a point feature with no symbol where you want the text to be centered at.

    It would likely be easier to get it close to where you want it though and export to say a PDF for finalization in Illustrator. There are certainly more graphics tools in Illustrator.


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