Looking for a developer to create a new app within GM

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My company has been in the aerial mapping business since the mid 90s. We are looking for an app within GM to 'fire' our camera when it is 'near' the photo center point.

Please contact me to discuss.


Marty Gould, owner/operator


  • fxrazno1fxrazno1 Global Mapper User Posts: 33Trusted User
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    I am interested in this project.
    Do any document explaining the kind of application you are looking to develop ?
    What kind is the camera ?
    How do you communicate with it?
    Send me more details to this mail:
    Thanks allot
    Tidhar Raz
  • MaxMax Global Mapper User Posts: 14
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    Hello Marty,

    I have some experience of programming with GM SDK. Please, send me a more detailed description to following email: naxemail[at]gmail.com


    Maxim Merkushin
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