Exporting as a PDF and still having a printer margin

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I am trying to export a map with a fixed scale and a fixed boundry. i have done this by setting the scale, the export boundry and the margins. However when i export it the scale is still in the bottom left corner and is out of the printer margin, so the bottom is getting chopped off. I do not wish to 'scale to fit' when it come time to printing the PDF. Is there a way to set the printer margin for the location of the scale when i export it as a PDF?

P.S. Thankyou for your speedy reply to my last question.



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    The scale bar is positioned relative to the entire page, not just what is inside the margins, since you might want the scale on the margins. It sounds like you just need to move your scale a little bit more from the edge. You can do this on the Map Layout dialog.

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    Thankyou again it worked perfectly

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