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I can open ASCII .csv files with the following format to draw lines. Some of the files are as much as 3,000 lines long without problems.

" 97° 27' 28.8302"" W","18° 29' 58.5202"" N"
" 97° 24' 04.2878"" W","18° 29' 57.2652"" N"
" 97° 24' 04.2801"" W","18° 29' 12.7148"" N"
" 97° 19' 31.5859"" W","18° 29' 12.7043"" N"
" 97° 19’ 31.5745"" W","18° 29' 55.4963"" N"
" 97° 08' 54.6600"" W","18° 29' 50.9400"" N"
" 97° 09' 00.9800"" W","18° 18' 05.5300"" N"

However on one file Global Mapper skips one point. Specifically Global Mapper skips the point specified in the 5th line above. Other programs are able to read the .csv file correctly. Despite staring at the offending line and those above and below it for a great deal of time I cannot see what is different about it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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    The problem is the minute character of the longitude in the 5th line is different. It is an extended accent character rather than a normal apostrophe. If you change that it should load fine.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks Mike. That did it.

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