What cell phone has the GPS built in features and wi-fi?

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I do not want iphone, ther blackberry offered by my provider (centennial wireless), requires an data plan to purchase it. I have been looking to buy one online that is unlocked, but will all the features work? I want a good phone with all the smart phone features, but not with any additional costs to operate the phone. Any specific suggestions would be great


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    What about an Android based phone? I know that they have GPS and WiFi and you can purchase it outright without having to purchase a data plan. In fact, you can use Google Voice to make phone calls as long as you stay near a WiFi hotspot. I've heard of several people buying a droid just for development purposes (I'd like to do that as well)
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    Love this phone ....

    Chuck Backcountry Navigator and GeoPaparazzi on it
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