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USGS WMS 10m DEM issues in GM11

el Jefe
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I am using GM11 and am having issues with the 10m download for the USGS NED. I'm using and have tried both WMS and WCS as the service name. I can only get black images with RGB values via these downloads - and I actually need the data. I could go through the USGS Seamless server, but I deal with a lot of project areas, and being able to automate this would help greatly.

A few acquaintances of mine use GM12 and inform me that it has the 10m download option built in. Does that use a different source, and if so, which one? I'd love to upgrade to GM12, but I just moved up to 11 before 12 was released, and I can't afford to upgrade every few months.



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    The USGS doesn't provide a WMS source where you can get the actual 10m NED data, you can only get a pre-rendered representation of the 10m NED data from their WMS source which isn't very useful. Global Mapper v12.01 added access to the 10m NED data that we have hosted on our own servers, so in v12.01 there is built-in access to the actual 10m elevation values and not just a rendered representation of the data.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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