iPad app - gmw/gmp reader!

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Hi Guys,

I'm late to the party but I just got an iPad. The touch interface is a wonderfully intuitive way to interact with maps. The iPad runs Google Earth beautifully and there's a great mapping app called MotionX that lets you download NOAA ENCs for offshore navigation.

I would LOVE a Global Mapper app that has the ability to display a gmw/gmp pair and use the built-in GPS to overlay position. I would buy it if it only went that far. If it could save track logs and calculate navigation (course & direction with a steer arrow) it would be even better. I'm not really interested in "working" on the map from the iPad. I'm happy preparing a package on my desktop and just displaying it on the iPad when I'm on the boat. I've paid $30-$45 for other hobby or work specific apps so something in that ballpark wouldn't be unthinkable.

Anyone else interested in viewing their GM maps on iPad?



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    While I agree it would be fantastic to have an iPad/iPhone Global Mapper application, unfortunately it would be a tremendous amount of work to port any significant portion of Global Mapper to a non-Windows platform so nothing like this is in the pipeline.


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