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After discovering Open Source GIS a few months ago, I also tried the free version of GM. After testing with the temporary registration I was a confirmed purchaser -- bearing in mind I am retired due to ill-health and not doing this for commercial reasons: unless you call trying to write a novel (that needs maps) and started work on an Historical Atlas.

Mike is extremely helpful and I am grateful for his time and patience with replies to many questions.

I therefore want to ask all you GM users a number of questions -- if that's OK with you:-) :
1. How many of you are cartographers and into map making?

2. Is there any demand for a good styles (area, LINES, points, symbols) editor in GM? The one provided with QGIS is pretty good, but I would much prefer one in GM. I'm under the impression it's not high on people's priorities.
I would like GM to be able to do what Map Maker 3 does, but in a much better working environment. What do people think?

3. Lacking a style editor, what do GM users use to produce finished maps? I prefer Inkscape at present. I certainly can't afford Illustrator and not sure I'd want to if I could.
Your thoughts would be very interesting.

As for my level of GIS knowledge -- to help with feedback from you -- is 'novice'. In the last years of working I had limited experience of MapInfo (frustrating); last few months looking at the different Open Source products.

Look forward to hearing from you all.


  • Chris_
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    Very disappointed at the total lack of interest in a Style Editor that includes lines for GM.
    What do people do when they need line styles not available in GM?
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