Opening a jpeg map georeferenced with global mapper in another GM workspace

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Hello all,
I have georeferenced several scanned maps (jpeg) with Global mapper, all in the same workspace. Now, I have all my original jpeg files and a txt file associated to each of the maps. They open fine in the workspace in which they were created.
I am now trying to open these georeferenced (jpeg) maps in other global mapper workspaces but it sounds like GM doesn't recognize the associated txt files. My temporary solution was to export the maps as GEOTIFF files from the original workspace and open those files in the new workspace. However, the geotiff files are 5-6 times heavier than my original files so I would prefer to keep using jpeg files. Is there any way to open my (georeferenced) jpeg files in another global mapper workspace?


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    When you have rectified the JPG images, the rectification is stored in the workspace file itself. What I would suggest doing to get them in a new workspace is just loading your existing workspace file into a session of Global Mapper with you other workspace loaded (select not to unload everything when prompted). Then your rectified images should be in that workspace as well when you save it.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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