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I am not sure what the possibilities within GlobalMapper is for changing and creating parameters within a GeoTIFF-file. However I was wondering if it was a lot of work to create a GeoTIFF-header editor to work within GlobalMapper. The reason I ask is that I have some files that have the wrong attributes and descriptions and I have to remove/add/edit many of them. I see that when you export to GeoTIFF it gets completely georeferenced so you do have some possibilities to change the information in the GeoTIFF-header. By using:
# listgeo - utility program (distributed with libgeotiff) for dumping the metadata of a GeoTIFF file.
# geotifcp - utility program (distributed with libgeotiff) for applying metadata to a TIFF file, making it a GeoTIFF file.
it is possible to get and save the information, however this does not work for GeoTIFF JPEG compressed files.

What are your thoughts on this?


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    While it is technically possible to do something like this, I don't see it being a very high priority since free tools like geotifcp already exist to do the same thing. Global Mapper of course already writes out all of the tags that it knows values for (i.e. mainly positioning and projection information tags). I suppose support for something like copyright or description tags could be added to the base export in Global Mapper if necessary.


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