Export to XYZ number format

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I want to export elevation rasters (32 bit pixel depth '.img' rasters) to XYZ. They are only containing positive integer values.

I need the exported values to be integers as well, but at the moment the output from GM is '-228000,264000,250.000', which mean I need to add a step in my workflow just to delete those unnecessary 0 and get something like '-228000,264000,250'. (on big files it is not that easy)

I could not find any option either in the global mapper export menu or in the batch conversion tool to specify the output format, is it possible?

I somehow remember that the output type is determined automatically according to the input raster, is this true? would it help if I was able to create a 16 unsigned integer on the previous step?

PS: I am using global Mapper 11.




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