Unable to download online imagery topos, etc.

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I have been unable in the last week to download online imagery, topos, etc. Received an error message: Software unable to communicate with MSRMaps.com.
I have been using GM for 10 years and have never had this problem. I am using
GM 11.02.


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    Is it possible there is a firewall or something on your computer blocking GM from accessing the MRSMaps.com server? I just succesfully used MSRMaps.com data from both v11.02 and v12.00 with no problems, so the server itself is working fine.


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  • fstrfstr Global Mapper User Posts: 2
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    Thank you for your prompt reply Mike. The settings on my two browsers, firefox and IE, had been changed to proxy servers.
    I changed that and it works now. Love GM, keep up the good work. Michael (fstr)
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