Export of non-visible lines in a vector layer

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I'm trying to export a package that contains invisible lines in a vector layer. We add our lines through GM_AddLineToVectorLayer and make some invisible through GM_DeleteFeature and setting the delete flag to true. We want to be able to turn lines on and off.

Now when I export/save the package it appears to only export lines that are visible (i.e. not deleted). Firstly is this the correct way to turn visibility of a line/contour in a vector layer off as I've not found any alternative (or at least one thats obvious)? If so is there a way to ensure we export all lines irrespective of their visibility as there's no export flag that appears applicable?




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    While marking a feature as deleted is a way to make it invisible, as you noticed it also makes it non-exportable as it is assumed you don't want to send deleted features to new files.

    What you can do rather than delete a feature is to use the GM_SetLineFeatureDrawStyle function to make a line invisible by setting the mPenStyle to GM_PEN_NULL. That way the line won't draw but will still exist and be exportable to new files.

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