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read and respond tot your tech support pforum

dave.beaufortdave.beaufort Global Mapper UserPosts: 2
edited December 2010 in Suggestion Box
I have an unanserwered response to YOUR fourmn. It would seem reasoanble for you to respond to this. Your product is paid for BTW.
David Beaufort
I would assume you have created your tech support for helping the paying customers. No response will, in fact, establish your intent. I don't care for response to this post, find my post in your Tech support forum....


  • PaulTocknellPaulTocknell Forum Administrator Unconfirmed Posts: 306
    edited November 2010
    It was my understanding that Mike responded to your question via PM.

    For some reason (which I'm still trying to get figured out) Mike was unable to post a response to your question as it somehow got posted in a "print preview" format which I am still trying to figure out how that happened (and correct it). Even as an administrator, I have been unable to figure out how the question is formatted in such a way that no one can respond to it. I have emailed a vbulletin (the forum software we run) technical support specialist to see if he can help.

    If you have any further questions, you can reply to his PM or email

    If you hang around here long, you'll realize that Mike provides the absolute best customer support experience possible. Period.
  • Steve DSteve D Global Mapper User Trusted User Posts: 28
    edited December 2010
    lol, that's funny because that thread is the only one Global Mapper (Mike) hasn't replied to in there. While it would certainly be disconcerting to not get an answer, Dave never even looked at any other threads before writing this complaint.
  • PaulTocknellPaulTocknell Forum Administrator Unconfirmed Posts: 306
    edited December 2010
    Yeah, I still haven't been able to figure out how it was formatted in such a funky format. I'm just going to delete the thread.
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