Cannot register S-63 User Permit at a chart distributor

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Have anyone succeeded in buying ENC S-63 navigational charts at,
one of the major distributors of S-63 charts, using a S-63 User Permit issued by Global
Mapper v12.00?

I could not register the S-63 User Permit issued by Global Mapper v12.00 (64-bit
version) when creating a new "Installation" (a kind of user profile, chart
decryption keys will be generated by referring to the user permit registered in
this profile).

The website returns an error saying
"Unknown MID within the ENCUserPermit!".
No such error appears when I enter a User Permit issued by Fugawi Marine
ENC viewer.

As my purpose for viewing S-63 chart is not a navigational one, it would be
much useful for me if I could view ENC charts directly by Global Mapper.

I would like to isolate the cause whether it is a common problem for the
Global Mapper Software, problem with the Chartworld website, or a problem
specific to the specification of my computer (Win7-64bit).

Thanks for reading my post, and hope someone could provide any suggestions.


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    It sounds like the ChartWorld site needs to update their list of S-63 manufacturer IDs (the MID value) so that they have a list with Global Mapper listed in it. The main S-63 registrar maintains a list of the allowed manufacturers for S-63 user permit files, but Global Mapper should be in that as of 6 months ago or so.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


    Global Mapper Support
  • uso800uso800 Global Mapper User Posts: 6
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    Thanks Mike for the appropreate and helpful information!

    I will ask maintainer of the ChartWorld site to reflect their list of S-63 manufacturer IDs.
    It was also a great occasion for me to know the large effort achieved by the developers
    of the Global Mapper to implement the S-63 format import, e.g., acquiring their S-63 MID.

    many thanks,
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    Just to report that the MID error was due to a technical problem in the ChartWorld site.
    The maintainer of the ChartWorld reponded quickly and resolved the problem within an hour or so.
    I currently am enjoy viewing S-63 charts purchased from ChartWorld using Global Mapper.

    GM is amazingly fast in displaying complicated charts, compared to other viewers equipped
    with navigational features not necessary for my purpose. Such behavior is very much helpful
    for me when moving around within a chart image to examine many places.

    For a reference to whom interested in viewing S-63 with GM, I noticed that S-63 chart
    cannot be exported in vector format due to copyright reason (it is possible for S-57 charts,
    non-encrypted version of S-63 format). This restriction is same with other viewers
    and I think we must compromise on this limitation.

    Another advantage of using GM would be, in my view, that we can specify the range
    and form of output images in detail.

    I would like to thank Mike again for his kind support, without which I could not have been able to
    use GM for viewing S-63, and also to the developers of GM for implementing this wonderful feature.

    best regards,
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