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Script: Unflatten a DXF File?

DankoDanko Global Mapper UserTrusted User Posts: 34
edited October 2010 in Technical Support
I'm looking for guidance on a script or other method to go through a large DXF file and assign features to different layers based on their description name. I was sent a file with hundreds of features and I want to work with the different layers, but I currently have to go through and assign each feature individually. For contour lines alone this could take me hours - not to mention a sore wrist.

There has to be a method for speeding up this process.



  • DankoDanko Global Mapper User Trusted User Posts: 34
    edited October 2010
    I just had an epiphany that I could use the search feature to edit all of the features at once and assign them to a layer. Problem solved! :D
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