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Hi Mike,

What we are doing is accepting and importing into GM, asset information from various companies using a Shapefile format. We then use the inbuilt function to export the data (Asset ID, Lat, Long, and other associated attributes like type etc) using a CSV that we can automatically input into a SQL database that supports the management system that we have developed using the SDK. The system uses the database data for plotting etc. We can not manipulate the CSV file once generated due to size (in some cases in excess of 1.3 million assets) hence we would like to see if GM or SDK functionality can populate the CSV with Lat Long as ddd.ddddddd as double integer not string and using the + or - convention rather than S/N E/W hemisphere designation.



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    I went ahead and added a new option flag (GM_VectorExportFlags_NoLatLonFormatting) that you can pass into the GM_ExportVector function when exporting a CSV file to have the lat/lon values exported as just raw numbers with no formatting. I have placed a new SDK build with this change at for you to try.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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