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Satellite image of remote area compatible with Global Mapper?

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New to all this. This is probably far more complicated than it needs to be, but. I have a xx.gpx file with data from a Garmin hand held GPS. To this file I have added a few points and saved it as a xx.gmw.

Now I want to move those points to a satellite image of the area and post that image on my website. This is an isolated area (49.6286762,-117.6993783) and the only maps with sufficient detail I have been able to find are satellite images.

My process ..... has been to input the location into Bing maps, zoom in to maximum. do a screen capture, then transpose that point onto a composite map made of numerous screen captures of a Google satellite image. It works but is tedious and depends a lot on visual clues.. trees etc.

So, to my question... is there a source of satellite imagery (free) that would allow me to copy it directly into Global Mapper, leaving my points exposed and accessible on a layer above this image?

Thanks for your time


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    I would suggest using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command in Global Mapper and pulling down the NAIP imagery source. It should contain recent high-resolution color imagery for that location that your GPX file data should load and display on top of.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks Mike
    It seems the NAIP imagery is only available for the US area. Any of the others I have tried (free) are not nearly as detailed as Google maps.
    So the search goes on...