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redbeardredbeard Global Mapper UserPosts: 279Trusted User
edited September 2010 in Bug Report
when I click export web formats, the menu that comes up, gives me two "SVG" formats.

Not a show stopper, but something to help polish it up.

Also, are you still planning on the Tilecache/OSM hierarchy/format tiles? This is my biggest feature reason to upgrade to V12. Of course daily bug fixes and improvements are the other big reasons to upgrade.


  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
    edited September 2010
    The duplicate SVG was just a duplicate item in a list. It's been fixed now.

    Yes the support for Tilecache/OSM tiles is still coming, it is one of the first things I will work on once the dust settles from the v12 release. Probably be ready in the next few weeks.


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