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3D View - saved image quality

falqnfalqn Global Mapper UserTrusted User Posts: 123
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I see that 3D View mode uses something like thumbnail of raster image used in main view, because of that if I'm saving 3D image (even in high resolution) the quality of image is poor - GM does not load additional data during saving image in high resolution. Is there a way to save high quality 3D images, if no are you planning to improve this option?
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  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
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    The 3D view uses the raster image from the main view at the resolution of the main view as a texture, so you can improve the quality of that by maximizing the size of your main map view window prior to opening the 3D view for saving. That should give you the best possible quality on the saved high-resolution 3D export.

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    Hi, just a possible tip to increase 3D resolution. IF you have 2 monitors connected to your PC, they are normally side-by-side. In the Windows Screen Properties, drag one above the other so that your overall screen area is twice as high (you don't have to physically move your monitor!). Then resize your Global Mapper window and drag it upwards so that it fills both monitors. Then when you click the 3D view button, it will use a much larger base image resolution. The 3d output then becomes much more useable.
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