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Warwick Wood
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I'm interested in evaluating the SDK, and I have a few initial questions. Would you mind helping me out with them?

I guess the dll is redistritable with the application it is embedded in, and there are no fees per application installation?

Do the labels in the map window, and the exported layers support HTML markup so that I can emphasise part of the label (ie " <B>3.2</B>mg/L" - where the 3.2 is in bold and mg/L isnt - and similar for font color, font background color). Is this exportable (ArcGIS supports this kind of thing, but uses <BOL> instead of <B> in the shapefile text.

Are the imagery links also available to apps developed with the SDK?

Can print templates be set up with borders, logo's etc.., & can you point me to the instructions?

Can layers be created on the fly (ie in code from a recordset or point by point) and are there internal mechanisms for saving custom layers?

I would be migrating from tatukGIS, I see that a search for tatukGIS in this forum brings up some postings from "admin", is there any connection between the two? Do you know how the two compare in terms of speed, object model? Global Mapper seems to offer more in terms of 3D and imagery, any other comment?

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  • global_mapper
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    When you distribute the DLL with your finished application you do need to have a distribution license for each installed location of your application. Pricing for distribution licenses varies depending on your intended use of the SDK. Email us at for a quotation.

    Currently Global Mapper labels do not support HTML-like takes for adding bold, italics, etc. to part of the label. The labels only support using a single font for the entire label.

    You can use the GM_DownloadOnlineLayer function to download the online sources of data, although the premium DigitalGlobe imagery is not available through the SDK.

    You would have to setup any print templates in your own application and lay them over the core map rendered by the SDK, there is not any built-in support for this in the SDK.

    You can easily create layers on the fly using the GM_CreateCustomVectorLayer function. You can then add features to that layer (or any loaded layer) using functions like GM_AddPointToVectorLayer. The GM_ExportVector function can be used to export any loaded data to a new vector format file.

    There is no connection between Global Mapper and TatukGIS. I do not have any experience with the latter to know how it compares with the Global Mapper SDK.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


    Global Mapper Support
  • Warwick Wood
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    Thanks Mike,

    I will have a think about this and if I have any more questions will send them through, and a request for a quote to the address specified. The html labelling would be critical so I'd have to see if it could be implemented, and what that would take/cost.


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