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Hi There,

First time user of Global Mapper here and I am impressed with what I have found so far. But I have a suggestion.

I started using Global Mapper because I had heard it was excellent at creating Mosaics, and indeed it is, but it took me ages to figure out simply how to create a Mosaic because the help and tutorials were surprisingly lacking of the word 'Mosaic'. Is there any way to get a bit more clear cut documentation on this most basic of commands and how to do it in Global Mapper? Perhaps even modifying the GUI might be necessary so there is a clear path of menus or buttons to a 'Create Mosaic' command?



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    I will go ahead and update the documentation for opening files to mention that files are automatically mosaiced. There really isn't any special process or command, you just load your data files and they are automatically placed at the correct location relative to each other, creating a mosaic. If you want to put that into a new combined file, simply use one of the File->Export menu commands.


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