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It would be nice, and would maybe speed things up considerably, if
(a) we could mark layers as not to be re-rendered on pan & zoom, e.g. height grids. We obviously need the height data in them to be still accessible for use for line of sight & viewshed. etc, but (at least in my case), they're always underneath a map or chart. As things are at present, I think that when we deselect (but not remove) a height grid, we lose access to height data.
(b) when we change things in the control centre (change order, hide, remove), everything gets re-rendered after every change. Why can't we make all the changes we want, then have a single re-render?
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    I can add the concept of a hidden but enabled elevation layer to the todo list.

    What you might do if you are going to do a lot of re-ordering is hide all of the layers, then re-order them how you want, then turn them all back on. I'm hesitant to add some kind of 'stop drawing' option as some users will inadvertently turn it on and then wonder why their data isn't drawing anymore.


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    You may borrow some Photoshop-style layer management similar to the current active/inactive checkboxes in the Overlay Control Center.

    This is the right place to add some per-layer binary switches like render/don't render, lock/unlock for editing, lock/unlock for selection, etc.

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