Proposal for minor addition to the Modify Feature Info dialog

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Hi Mike,

is it possible in the Modify Feature Info dialog to add buttons (e.g. five in a row) just below the Feature Type combo, with the 5 latest types used. A button click should select the relevant Feature Type item assigned in the combo. The button assignment should be dynamic, according to the last 5 types selected, and for e.g. will be identified with the item bitmap and some tip-text.

Such an extra will ease a lot digitizing speed as changing the type on the fly takes time while scrolling the usually lengthy combo. Instead just a click on the proper button will do the job.



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    I can add this to the todo list. If you are creating a lot of point features you might consider using the 'Show Quick Point Creator' option as it allows you to select a group of point types that you use often and then quickly create features of that type by clicking on an icon.


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    Thanks Mike!

    It was difficult for me to find this option in the GM menus. It appeared to be available on the context menu only :-)

    'Show Quick Point Creator' seems to do the job. Its only drawback is that the icons displayed have no tooltips or status bar description with the type in the same mini-dialog. Some of my custom point types have one and the same icons and it's difficult to distinguish them without some textual description around.

    By the way, this dialog will come just perfect for lines and areas also ;-)
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