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Convert a large ECW file to a small KMZ

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Hi All,

I have trawled the internet and cannot find a solution to my answer so am hoping that someone here can provide some assistance.

I have a 270MB Orthiophoto in ECW format that I need to reduce and convert to a 3MB KMZ or KML file so i can upload as an overlay into a Satellite tracking program that uses Google Maps.

The best I can do is a 70MB KMZ file.

I am using Global Mapper 11.2 but cannot figure out a way to reduce to a sufficient size so I can convert to KMZ / KML.

Any ideas?



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    Try increasing your export sample spacing setting (i.e. reducing the resolution) so that you get a smaller (but less detailed) export file. There is not any way to get an ECW of that size out to a full resolution 3MB KMZ file, you will have to significantly reduce the resolution to get your desired size.


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