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Your product has the ability to create Google Earth Tile, KML tiles, NASA World Wind tiles etc... However it is not possible to view these maps in Global Mapper.

We are using the Global Mapper SDK for a moving map type application and each time we redraw a map it can take a little while, depening on zoom level and detail of map etc... This is presumably because global mapper has to (among other things) scale and re-sample the underlying map image to fit onto the screen. The more map being loaded the longer this takes.

However when the map is split into tiles this re-sampling has already been done offline. Therefore one would expect that a moving map using map tiles would be faster. I guess you are getting faster runtime displays at the expense of disk space (since you need mroe disk space to store all the tiles). The expensive map resampling and scaling functions have been moved offline and the cheaper image rendering functions are all that is required in real time.

Just a thought.

Matt Ricci


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    Using a format like ECW or JPEG2000 for your maps will create files with built-in data at multiple zoom scales to allow for faster display.

    In the upcoming v12 release we are also planning on adding support for both easily creating new tiled map sets at various zoom scales in a generic manner and also adding direct support for rendering those data sets within Global Mapper in an efficient manner.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    That's great. Thanks for your quick reply.

    Just as a general comment i'm only very new to global mapper and so far have been very impressed with the product itself and also the speed and quality of the help offered by you on this forum.
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