Changes in Area Fill Appearance When Printing

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I have several area styles set up to have diagonal hatching (some "forward", some "backward"). Everything looks fine on the screen (the same at every zoom level), but when I print to a pdf, bmp or straight to a real printer (and probably to other files types too), the hatching turns into a transparent solid fill (see attached pdf). In the legend the hatching shows up so thin and faint that it almost looks like a fingerprint (not shown on the pdf, sorry).

Is there something I'm doing wrong or a trick to get around this? It doesn't seem to matter what scale I print at. I've tried using different outlines for the areas, but even those are very difficult to see when printed (see yellow comb "triplet" style on the attached pdf).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    The problem with PDF exports is that hatched area styles aren't supported by the PDF library that we use, so they are turned into solid fills.

    For other high resolution devices, like printouts or image files, the hatch styles don't support scaling so you get the hatch lines very close together. If you zoom in on a bitmap or look at the printout with a magnifying glass you should still see the hatch, but there isn't currently any way to make them enlarge automatically for printouts or exports.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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