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Hi, the only beef i have with the program so far is that maybe the querying feature could be improved.

Keep in mind i have not had time up to now to master the program, this is just my initial impression!

I want to be able to query more than one attribute at a time, ie make some more complex queries involving several attributes, and ideally have the option of querying only the data visible on the screeen at the time. As far as i know at this point, i can only query one attribute at a time. An easy selection and printing option for the list of attributes that is displayed after the query would be great too (maybe that is already possible but i have not discovered it?).

I often need to query a data layer of forest stand attributes. It seems that currently you can only query one at a time in GM, ex if you want to query stand height, age, species, volume, etc in one query, you cannot do this. Forgive me if this is in fact possible, but it does not seem so at this point.

I often use GM and other programs at home to do some things i would normally do at work with ArcMap etc (I am a beginner to GIS, it is sometimes easier to get little things done after work!) These abilities would almost totally close the gap between ArcMap and GM for what i use the program for, day in and day out. A good long term programming investment for your customers!;)


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    So long as your queries consist of AND operations, you can chain them together using the 'Search in Existing Results' button on the search dialog. So you keep limiting the search until you get juts what you want.

    There are also options to copy the text of the attributes to the clipboard by right-clicking on the results list. You could then paste then into a text editor (like Notepad) for easy printing.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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